New Turnitin API and Moodle plugins

Turnitin have been working on a new back-end API to improve the way integrations are able to access the Turnitin product range – they have also developed new plugins for Moodle using this new API including a replacement for my plugin. The new code supports the full range of Turnitin products (my plugin was only focused on their plagiarism/originality checking service) and the new API will hopefully also improve reliability and stability. Turnitin asked me to review their initial code and were very receptive to my feedback – the new code follows Moodle coding guidelines and looks like a good replacement for my plugin.

The code isn’t available in the Moodle Plugins db yet but it is available in github here:

I have a few clients starting to test the new plugin this week – all going well I plan to stop further development on my old plugin – my plugin still works in Moodle 2.6 but at this stage I don’t have plans to maintain support for it past Moodle 2.6 and I recommend everyone starts to look at the new plugin from Turnitin.

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