Catalyst IT contributions to Moodle 2.6

Moodle 2.6 includes several new features developed by Catalyst staff including:

Improved Password reset process
The process for resetting a forgotten password in Moodle was previously lengthy and over-complicated. This improvement reduced the number of steps from 13 to 6. It was implemented by Peter Bulmer as a funded request from Statistics New Zealand and the Accident Compensation Corporation, who gave their approval for the work to be contributed to the community.
More information is available on the Moodle Tracker: MDL-23692 

CSV Bulk Course Creation tool
One of the highest voted for features in the Moodle Tracker with 166 votes, this tool was developed by Piers Harding – it allows Moodle courses to be created and removed by passing a CSV file.
More information is available on the Moodle Tracker: MDL-13114 

Assignment Marking management and workflow

This feature implements a marking workflow in the Assignment module that allows selective release of grades to students and individual marker allocation. This feature was developed by Dan Marsden for the Lightwork team at Massey University
More information is available on the Moodle Tracker: MDL-38359

A large number of improvements to the SCORM module were made by Dan Marsden including:
Improvements to management of package files(MDL-28579MDL-41580)
New objectives report (MDL-39926)
User report improvements (MDL-41290)

Many of the developers in the team at Catalyst provided other bug fixes and minor improvements that have been included as part of the 2.6 release. Catalyst is a certified Moodle Partner with offices in New Zealand, Australia and the UK


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