GSOC 2014

gsoc-2014-600x540We are lucky to have Vignesh Panneerselvam working on the SCORM plugin as part of Google Summer of Code this year Рthere are 3 main areas of focus for his work:

  • Improving the built-in navigation buttons
    I don’t think the navigation buttons in Moodle have ever worked correctly – we’ve made incremental improvements but I’m hoping Vignesh will help to sort out the remaining issues.
  • Performance improvements.
    There are a number of areas in the SCORM code that don’t perform well on larger sites – one of our clients has over 250 Million records in the SCORM tracking tables and any small improvement to performance can make a large difference to the operation of the server.
  • Code Cleanup
    Moodle’s Coding guidelines have improved/evolved over time and we haven’t always kept up to date in the SCORM code – Vignesh will help us to tidy this up a lot.

Vignesh has already made some useful contributions to the SCORM code – I’m looking forward to¬†working with him as he improves the SCORM code.

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