Moodle 2.0 patches

I’ve been working on getting a few patches ready for 2.0 this week that have been sitting in my list for a while! 2.0 is shaping up to be a really good Moodle release!

MDL-7206 – a patch to allow all assignments to be downloaded in a single zip
This is something I wrote a while back that has been hacked at by various people and a patch in that issues is available for 1.9 – I’ve wanted to get this into core for a while, but haven’t ever got round to it!

Some issues around error handling in backups – silient backups/restores dont’ do any error reporting, so I’m planning on modifying the backup_logs table to allow other errors to be saved other than just data related to scheduled backups.  details on this are in MDL-14736 and MDL-12037

I’d also like to prepare a patch for a new backup/restore type that would allow a restore to update a course, rather than duplicating or needing to delete the content of the course first – it would be nice to see this feature integrated into an improved backup/restore UI to allow a teacher to select each individual activity/resource and decide whether to update/delete/roll dates forward etc.

And then theres the Turnitn stuff I’d like to get into core, although it will require some funding so I can convert the code to work with the new stuff in 2.0


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