Student Feedback

It’s really important for teachers to get feedback from their students – it can be very humbling, but it is always good to try and improve where we can. Teachers and Developers engage in the forums to constantly refine Moodle, but we can sometimes miss the voice of the students! Alex Miller has a post on the LTT blog about a session at Moodlemoot AU last year presented by some Year 12 students. One of the comments is directed at teachers – “Our teachers don’t know enough about the capability of these systems, which frustrates us, let us help!”

This really points out our need to train the teachers!- Moodle has a great Teacher certification program facilitated by Moodle Partners all over the world, I’d highly reccomend this program, the more teachers understand Moodle, the happier the students will be!

I also find the end of that statement interesting “let us help!” – students are a great resource, make sure that you provide tools in your courses to allow your students to share information – encourage it! – I’m looking forward to see the new Wiki tools get integrated into Moodle – engaging your students to generate wiki pages based on the course content will help them learn, and provide a great resource to share with other students!

The comments by the students in the LTT blog regarding social networking is interesting too! – Teachers have a range of opinions on this as shared in the forums, it’s good to hear what the students feel about this too! – maybe something for a future blog post!


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