Mahoodle SSO Config

Moodle and Mahara complement each other quite well, and it’s been possible for a while to set up SSO between them.

We do a lot of Moodle+Mahara with SSO for our clients – and most of these are hosted on the same web server, but following the instructions in the document I linked above can be tedious and time-consuming!

So I wrote an auto-config script that does the work for us!

to keep it simple at this stage it is a single file, it contains lots of hard-coded error strings, and doesn’t always display them as pretty as it should, but it works!

just drop the file into your moodle/admin directory and call it via the browser (you will need to be logged in as an admin to use the script)
if your Mahara install has been dropped into your Moodle webroot, or if it’s in the directory above your moodle webroot it will automatically find it, and display the path in the form on the screen – if not, you will need to know the server path to your mahara install – it’s the same as the $CFG->dirroot you have configured in the Mahara config.php

Once you’ve entered the Mahara dirroot on the form – hit execute, and it will go through all the steps necessary in Moodle and in Mahara to configure them to talk nicely to each other! – when it gets to the Mahara configuration, you will be asked to login to Mahara – make sure you login as an admin!

the file is available here (although I’ll put it in contrib and the modules & plugins db at some point soon)

keen to hear of any issues you experience or any ideas for improvment!

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3 Responses to “Mahoodle SSO Config”

  1. Mark says:

    Love your work Dan – look forward to giving it a go soon!

  2. nadavkav says:

    thank you very much !.
    very useful script indeed 🙂

  3. LMS says:

    Thanks for sharing, Dan!