SCORM 2004 in Moodle

Now that we’ve manged to get Moodle 1.9 Stable to pass all the SCORM 1.2 tests, there’s been a lot of talk between Moodle Partners and other Moodle users about SCORM 2004. I’ve posted about this in a few places in the forums 1 2 and I’ve sent various e-mails to a range of interested users! – here’s my attempt at summarising it all in one post!

To get to where we are today took 3 months of solid funded work (thanks to Moodle HQ) from 1 full time Senior Developer(Piers), with 1 part-time Senior Developer supporting(me). This included closing approximately 160 issues in the Moodle Tracker, and modifications to support the ADL test suite.

The SCORM 1.2 test suite comprises of 2 test packages. SCORM 2004 contains 103 test packages, of which Moodle currently passes 2 (at least it did last time Piers ran the tests) – It’s really hard to define how much time it would take for us to complete SCORM 2004 so it passes all the different tests!

Sequencing and Navigation is a big chunk of SCORM 2004 that isn’t implemented – we expect that once this work is completed a bunch of the test packages will pass. I’ve seen estimates that put completion of SCORM 2004 work at 6-8 months or even more! – there are also a range of SCORM 2004 bugs that are related – for more details see MDL-7068

We’re currently attempting to source an initial 3 months worth of funding to continue work on SCORM 2004 – we believe that 3 months would be a worthwhile effort,  at the end of which we would have an accurate picture on what it would take to complete! – bounce me an e-mail if you might be able to help fund this! –

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6 Responses to “SCORM 2004 in Moodle”

  1. Helen Foster says:

    Dan, thanks for your update on SCORM 2004 in Moodle.

    A big THANK YOU to you and Piers for all your work and I really hope you obtain funding to continue.

  2. David Maiden says:


    The last item I read about SCORM 2004 compliance was dated last May. Has there been much progress on this component in Moodle?



  3. dan says:

    Hi David,

    Unfortunately no one has come forward willing to properly fund the work on SCORM 2004 – in the meantime Rustici’s commercial SCORM Cloud is a viable alternative for people that require a SCORM 2004 compliant player in Moodle

  4. Mark Temple says:


    This is a good update as we currently have 3-4 Moodle implementations going where I work, and the powers that be periodically ask about SCORM 2004 – its benefits, and if Moodle will support it. This atleast gives me the understanding that it would probably be atleast 2011 or beyond.

    Personally I don’t see too many benefits other than the Sequencing and Navigation, and possibly increased Objectives support. There is a reason SCORM 1.2 still dominates the market – it’s easy and covers 99% of the markets needs.


  5. Justin says:

    Hi Dan,

    Do you know if there are any plans for new SCORM reports in Moodle?
    In particular I’m interested in summary reports which include SCORM interactions.


    • dan says:

      Hi Justin,

      2.0 reporting has improved a lot but hasn’t really improved the way interactions are reported – I’d be keen to see these improved further and it would be useful for a lot of people (as long as they’ve named their interactions in a useful way in their SCORM authoring tool)

      I’m pretty sure the Rustici SCORM player has some nice interaction reports – you could check that out to see if it suited your needs?