Moodlemoot AU 08

We booked our flights for Moodle Moot AU ( this week, Moodle Moots are a great way to network with other Moodlers! – It will be my first Moot outside of NZ, and will be good to meet some of the AU Moodlers in person!

The first day of the Moot has some full-day workshops which look really interesting – Julian Ridden is running a full-day workshop for Moodle Administrators which would be good for anyone supporting the use of Moodle in their organisation! – I’ll be attending the Developer workshop which Martin Dougiamas will be running! – I’ll look forward to meeting all the other AU Moodle Developers!

All good Moodle sites use a custom theme – Julian Ridden is running a session on the 2nd day of the Moot  to take people through Moodle Themes, and the ways you can customise the look of your Moodle site!, Julian is also running a session called “Turbo-charge your Moodle” – this will be a great showcase of some of the 3rd party contributed patches that allow you to add extra functionality to Moodle.

Keep an eye on Martin Langhoffs presentations! – Moodle Networking, which allows you to “network” a group of Moodle sites for SSO and other interesting things.. He is also presenting a session on the “One Laptop per Child” program – check out his session for a range of really cool Laptops and gadgets! – the OLPC project is a great project if you haven’t heard about it, make sure you check it out!

Nigel (from Catalyst) is presenting on the Mahara e-portfolio integration with Moodle. E-portfolios are pretty new, and this integration opens up a whole group of great possibilities!

I’ll be presenting on the Moodle/Turnitin Deep Integration, I’ll post more about this later on – but this patch is currently available for Moodle1.9Stable, Moodle 1.6Stable and is planned for inclusion in Moodle 2.0

If you’re going to be at the Moot – come and introduce yourselves, I look forward to meting you!


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  1. Hi,

    Looking forward to seeing you at MobilizeThis –

    Your name is down as a Presenter.

    I spoke to you about it at Moodlemoot.