GSOC 2013 Projects

We had some great applications for GSOC this year and there are 7 students who have been accepted. I’m excited to be working with 2 students this year – Mayank Gupta who will be working on improving the SCORM player in Moodle to work better on mobile devices – Mayank has been part of GSOC with Moodle in previous years so his continued contribution to SCORM is appreciated!

Vinnie Monaco submitted a proposal to develop a plugin that uses keystroke dynamics to verify the identity of a user before allowing them to enter a Moodle quiz – this will involve a practical application of his research and looks to be a very interesting way to verify the logged in user.

The biggest mistake applicants made this year was not attempting to fix a Moodle bug – one of the requirements of the Moodle GSOC application process is that students must try to fix a Moodle bug – many didn’t try and some just rewrote a patch that was already available on the tracker.

Thanks to all the students who put effort into their applications – hopefully some of you will continue to engage in the Moodle community even if your applications weren’t successful.

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