GSOC 2012

GSOC is here again and Moodle has been approved as a participating organisation. GSOC students get USD $5,000 for participation in the program(thanks Google!).

Depending on the number of slots allocated to Moodle and the quality of the applicants, I’m planning to run 2 projects this year.

SCORM 2004 – building on the work from our GSOC 2011 student Mayank, I’d like to get some more progress towards SCORM 2004 compliance – there are a large number of tasks to complete 2004 and I may take on more than one student to work on this (depending on slots/applicants) If you know of any students good with Javascript and PHP – make sure you point them towards GSOC.

Improving Plagiarism API – The plagiarism api currently only hooks into the upload assignment types – I’ve been planning to add hooks into other Moodle modules but haven’t quite got round to it – this project will involve adding new hooks to other Moodle modules and probably some work on some plagiarism plugins like Crot.

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